How To Stop Worrying and Get a Little Peace o’ Mind

worry doll

Are you a worrier? Have anxiety, or feel anxious in social settings? Fret about your health (or someone else’s)… or what other people think of you… or your future?

Before my near-death experience, I was a big-time worrier – particularly when it came to the health of one specific, dear friend. I used to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat worrying this friend would die. 

Are they still around? YES! Did all that worrying help me or them? NO!

Thankfully I learned how to stop worrying. How did I do that? By de-looping that pattern out of me. And I made a video about how I did that. You can watch it here.

Stop Worrying image

It’s clear to me now I have no control over that person’s life, and never did. I learned to LET GO. 

What were the benefits of letting go of worry for MY life? Oh, were they HUGE. The two biggest were: 

1) I had TONS more energy, because I wasn’t putting all my precious energy into worry, and causing stress on my body, and disrupting my sleep 

2) I was able to successfully and much more QUICKLY move toward (and often achieve) the goals and exciting ideas I wanted so much to do – because now I could focus on me and my passions instead of that friend and my worry about them.

Worry destroys peace of mind and forward movement. If people sometimes tell you, “You worry too much!” then I hope you check out this video.

Wishing you a stunning, peaceful week – and Happy Spring!



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