(which I am SO appreciative to receive!)

One hour [doing the RE-Loop process] with Barbara was more beneficial than 3 years of psychotherapy!” 

– Rosie M, Las Cruces, NM

“I’m in a much more positive place than I’ve been in years… and I know I will never be in a bad relationship again!! Can’t thank you enough for putting yourself out there and doing this. I absolutely love your Mind Loops work!” 

– Val C, Seattle, WA

“These sessions are helping me so much – way more than most of the therapy I’ve done. Both help to uncover issues; but Barbara’s mentoring method also provides an action plan that helps one to move through issues faster. It’s mind opening!” 

– Amy W, Seattle, WA

“I finally feel at peace again! That feels like a miracle because I’ve been fighting for so long with these inexplicable emotions that don’t even seem like who I am. I’m shocked at how messed up my mind got. Shocked. But I stopped looping – completely! [after a RE-Loop session]. To have it stop so suddenly was a complete surprise considering yesterday the bad loops were raging harder than ever. I’m SO enjoying the relaxation. Thanks so much Barb!”

– Brett, Seattle, WA

“There’s been a distinct and notable difference in my life since we started mentoring sessions – and very quickly. I was on a slippery slope into depression, and I’m not going there anymore! This really helped me – thank you!”

– Karen J., Seattle, WA

“You embody what you espouse, Barbara. You’re present, your eyes are bright and your face is open. You’re living proof that this works. It’s invaluable to me – just what the doctor ordered.”

– Caleb S, Seattle, WA

“I’ve noticed a shift in my dealing with money and bills. It’s usually something I avoid until it HAS to be dealt with. This week I’ve been proactive in taking care of things – which is very new for me.” 
– Clay V, Seattle, WA
To all of you who, like myself, have certain self-defeating character traits, self-doubt, and self esteem issues that were handed down generation after generation… And yet you’re someone who has dreams, and somewhere deep within yourself you believe you can realize them… Barbara’s Mind Loops work will shut up those naysayer inner voices within you. It will set you free from your weaknesses and instead allow them to become pillars of your growth and future success. I’ve taken several classes of self help, and these Mind Loop tools are what are sending me over the last hurdle into living the life I knew I was here to live – instead of living in reaction to my environment. Take a leap! This is the place to find your way and learn great tools to help you enjoy your voyage through life!” 
– Kevin Jewell, Paris France

“I feel uplifted, like anything is possible!” 

– Michelle H, Seattle, WA


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