How To Stop Negative Thoughts

Want to shift out of negative thinking?

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I am HONORED at how many 5-star reviews have been written on Amazon for “How To Stop Negative Thoughts”!  🙂  Here are a few from the Amazon page:

“From bassist and singer, filmmaker and now author, Barbara Ireland, comes an inspired book that begins to translate the science of negative thinking and neural pathways for those of us without Ph.Ds.” – Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam
“In the concept of Mind Loops, Barbara Ireland has identified the source of negativity, depression and paralyzing feelings that undermine our dreams and well-being. In a sweeping act of creative genius she has distilled a number of simple remedies that will work for anyone willing to use them.” – Wayne Lehrer, author, The Prodigy Within

“Barbara’s program gives you a road map and action plan to remove repetitive, negative thoughts from your life. I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream that was plagued by severe insecurities, anxiety and self doubt due to the techniques found in Barbara’s book.  I highly recommend it!!” – Amy W., Seattle



Do you dwell on past hurts, tell yourself you’re “not good enough,” worry about the future, say no to opportunities because of social anxiety, criticize yourself, or doubt your worth, abilities or appearance?

If so, repetitive, negative thinking – “Mind Loops” – are undermining your happiness.

With Barbara Ireland’s proven, step-by-step, “4 D’s of De-Looping” system, you’ll discover how to:

• catch, and detach from negative thoughts before they have a chance to hook you

• heal and free yourself from painful memories – no matter how long ago they happened

• reframe life’s challenges so you can let go of resentments, stress, and worry

• literally re-wire your brain to remove its negative messages and free up energy to pursue your dreams and goals

With easy-to-use practical tools, humor, and everyday examples, How To Stop Negative Thoughts will show you how to re-route your brain’s neural pathways to get your mind working for you again – fast.

Two free Bonuses included:

Mind Loops Workbook image-sm-CROP -2copyThe Mind Loops Workbook – 36 pages of practical tips, questions, and exercises to support, motivate, and empower you during your de-looping program.

The Seven-Day Mental Diet2The 7-Day Mental Diet: How To Change Your Life In a Week audiobook. Written by Dr. Emmet Fox and read by Barbara Ireland. Inspiring, motivational, and a perfect way to get a jumpstart on your de-looping program.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts became a #1 best-seller on Amazon Kindle in two categories: “Stress Management” and “Happiness” – the first week it was out!

Get the paperback or ebook/Kindle version on Amazon and prepare to be de-looped!