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Do you have a dream…

To feel HAPPIER  •  Or make more MONEY  •  To find LOVE…  

•  To start a new BUSINESS  •  To find WORK THAT ROCKS YOUR WORLD…  

•  To feel more CONFIDENT  •  To feel GREAT about your BODY…  

•  To be a musician / artist / write a book / or any other CREATIVE PURSUIT…


Whatever your dream is, I want that for you too.

And you can start achieving it – including a deep and profound happiness – RIGHT NOW.


“All human suffering stems from a malfunction in thought.” This was a primary understanding I received during my near-death experience.
People sadly fail to fulfill their dreams — and continue feeling unhappy, unconfident, unlucky, unfulfilled, stressed, depressed, anxious, or exhausted from worry — because of the way they are THINKING.
Your thoughts stem from the beliefs you hold in your subconscious – beliefs which you may or may not even be aware of. So depending on what thoughts and (unconscious) beliefs you have, you’ll experience either happiness, success, and fulfillment in your life… or the opposite.
Which means if your thoughts are talkin’ smack about you behind your back, those delicious dreams of yours don’t and won’t get fulfilled. Let’s turn that around!

Here are ways I can help:

top 10 life hacks graphic-smallerFREE! 10 fast, easy “life hacks” that will help you SHIFT out of a negative thought or bad mood: FREE for you.

These life hacks are strategies to use whenever something has gone haywire in your day and a bad mood is threatening to topple your serenity and happiness.

You’ll get one life hack delivered every day to your email – for 10 days. Put them to use whenever you need to shift out of a worry, help let go of a resentment or feeling of embarrassment, or any other situation that brought down your mood.

Click here to let me know where to send the series, and the first technique will be delivered right away to your email inbox. My goal is to raise happiness, so ENJOY!

COMING JANUARY 2021! “Blueprint for Magic.”

I am thrilled to finally be sharing this course as it is one of my favorite courses I’ve ever created. I have used the Blueprint since 1998 to actualize many of my desires: a beautiful house, sunny apartments, deep new friendships, the “perfect” employees, greater income… and even 3 relationships(!) – all “to spec.” How the “order” is placed, and what you do afterward, are the two keys to making the magic happen. And that’s exactly what I share with you in this new course.

In this course you’ll learn to get clarity on what you TRULY desire, shift your mindset & nervous system from the impossible to possible, effectively fill out the actual Blueprint (your “order” to the Universe/ Subconscious), understand the biggest blocks to receiving your desire, how to remove those blocks, and the specific steps to take after you’ve sent out your request (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT).

The world needs magic now. That’s why I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to share something more “woo” than normal. If I know of a tool that works like magic, why would I want to keep it a secret? If it’s feels right for you, you’ll know it.

For more information or to register, click here.

mind loop mantras
COMING JANUARY 2021! “Mind Loop Mantras For Manifesting: Using Rhythmic Language To Supercharge Your Manifesting.”

“Mind Loop Mantras” is a powerful method (and one of my personal faves!) to help you REPROGRAM the negative beliefs you may have about whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest. If your unconscious mind is talkin’ smack about the very thing you’re wanting to manifest, your desire will be blocked: Conscious Mind says: “I want to earn $250,000 this year!” Unconscious Mind says: “Rich people are greedy! and I’d have to become a workaholic to earn a high income – no way!”

This is a technique I teach in my workshops on stopping negative thinking and worry and anxiety – and when it’s combined with manifesting? It’s quite the combo.

This online course is coming JANUARY 2021. More info coming soon!



*Currently accepting individuals struggling with people-pleasing, low self-esteem, breakups, worrying, overgiving, or who feel like they’re “playing small” and not getting the most out of their lives. 

I work with a very limited number of one-on-one clients. We work on YOUR SPECIFIC DESIRE / DREAM / NEED / ISSUE to de-program and re-program your thoughts and beliefs – your Mind Loops – using The De-Looping Method and other coaching methods.

Sessions take place via Skype, Zoom or phone, for 1 hour.

Contact Barbara at:   •   or phone: (805) 364-4466 for a no-cost, 15 minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit. I would love to meet you!


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