Meet Barbara

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Hello! I’m Barbara Ireland.

I’m here to make your life SING. 

How do I do this? By de-looping your sometimes conscious but mostly unconscious MIND LOOPS.

What’s a Mind Loop, you ask?

Mind Loops are negative thoughts that can shift your life from JOY to CHAOS in the blink of an eye. They love to chew on: self-doubt, anxiety about the future, worry about the past, resentments, fear, feeling not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, young enough, [fill in the blank] enough. Mind Loops attack your confidence, self-esteem, your spirit… and they shoot big nasty holes into your most cherished dreams and goals.

My work ain’t no “positive thinking” fluff though. These techniques are built around neuroscience, cellular biology, modern psychology, and powerful spirituality.

But you were wondering about me… So here it goes:

I am a creator in heart and by trade: I’m an author, filmmaker, and collage artist. But my primary creative outlet? MUSIC. In fact, music was the love of my life.

I have two solo albums and a third underway, recorded and toured as singer with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, and played bass, keyboards, drums, and harp in a ton of bands in Seattle and New York.

So… why am I helping people with Mind Loops now, instead of singing and playing music?

Because in 2010 I had a dramatic and astoundingly revealing near-death-experience that changed the destiny of my life.

While I laid under a tree in an extremely remote area on Vancouver Island, I literally felt my body shutting down, piece by piece. But I wasn’t just lying there. I was being instructed by Who-Knows-Who/What during a massive Life Review that lasted… four hours.

Because here’s the thing: Even though I was touring with Stone Gossard, and “living the dream” so to speak, on closer examination, much of my life was a mess. I was going through a divorce, I wasn’t making ends meet financially, I felt unsure of myself to the point that I was terrified when Stone suggested I start singing solo. And I was on anti-depressants and had been for years.

What I learned during my near-death-experience blew the lid off my beliefs and sent my life into a very different direction: Helping first myself, and now others, get out from under the sadistic rule of negative thinking. And oh, how de-looping has changed my life.

All of the areas that were lacking and stagnant in my life turned around: Heathy relationships, Financial flow, Purpose, Health, Peace, Confidence, Courage, and most of all, Happiness. I haven’t touched an antidepressant in several years, and feel happier than a monkey with a peanut machine.

I care deeply about you and am committed to helping you get the MOST out of your life – AND to make the process even, dare I say… Fun?

Through my courses, videos, speaking, and private mentoring program, you’ll gain the specific, powerful and actionable tools that can pull you out of a Mind Loop whenever one threatens to take over your world and ruin your day (or week… month… year… life).

My goal is for YOU to experience the happiness, confidence and peace I know is possible. So you can achieve your greatest potential – and be a light to others.

“There have been so many shifts: All the hassles at work just aren’t bothering me as much… I’m more creative again, and yesterday I felt… joy! I don’t remember feeling like that before!” – E.W., Seattle, WA

Is my own life “perfect”? No – because “perfection” doesn’t exist! If you’re human, you’ll going to be dealing with challenges and hassles and difficult emotions and things you can’t control. That’s life! The difference now is that I don’t let them take me down. I have tools to DEAL with those challenges when they come – quickly and fluidly.

I’d love to share these tools with you so your experience through life has more FLOW, more JOY, and greater PURPOSE.

xo! Barbara Heart_corazón.svg

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