Day 6 “Marvelous Mentors” Series: Ken Kimmel and How To Interpret Dreams

The Mind Loops Blog – Day 6 “Marvelous Mentors” Series: Ken Kimmel and How To Interpret Dreams – March 2018


Psychologist  Ken Kimme

Have you ever had a bizarre dream that you wished you could understand? Yes! I have too! In fact I have always been into my dreams; I started writing them down when I was 7 years old.

So it was a natural fit for me to join a Dream Group when I was in my 20s, where I learned all about dream interpretation, symbolism – but mostly about myself. I loved it so much, I stayed in it for FIVE YEARS – and we met weekly!

Ken Kimmel was the leader of this group. He is a Jungian analyst with a tremendous passion for, and knowledge of, dreams. I’m so grateful I learned this USEFUL skill, and from such a talented facilitator.

You can watch Day 6’s video here:

Copy of Mentors6-STILL-Dreams


Be sure to watch all the way through because I give instruction on how to INCUBATE a dream to receive answers to a problem. It’s like a direct dialogue with your subconscious – very powerful.

Would love to hear your thoughts on dreams – and if you do an Incubation, how it works for you!

Here’s to a STUNNING night of dreaming tonight…


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