How To THRIVE during the Pandemic: Live Zoom Event – Sat, May 16th

We all want to SURVIVE this pandemic… but what if you could even THRIVE during it?

If you (or someone you care about) are experiencing anxiety, depression, loneliness or stress during this Covid crisis and lockdown, I hope you’ll join me for a LIVE Zoom event May 16th, hosted by Seattle IANDS.

While this time period is definitely challenging, and can be laden with significant fear and stress, with a few mental tweaks, and a few tools to adjust how your body is processing emotions, you can experience a deep calm and even happiness – as well as receive profound insights about your own life, purpose, and direction – even in the midst of the crisis.

I have spent the past two months contemplating and working with many of the tools I have in my own personal toolbox. As a result, while I too have had moments of worry, overall I have been feeling incredible joy during this pandemic. Yes… joy! And I would love to share with you some of my favorite exercises, techniques and resources to help you live with more peace of mind, joy, and connection during this crisis.

Saturday, May 16th, 2020 
1:30-3pm PST / 4:30-6pm EST

More Information & Reserve Spot

Come prepared to take notes! This talk will include exercises, techniques and resources to help you live with more peace of mind, connection, and even happiness during this crisis.

Plus… I will be giving away a special gift to all attendees. You won’t want to miss!

Sending warmth and good energy to you and your loved ones,

Barbara Ireland
Author of the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller, How To Stop Negative Thoughts
Contributing author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences
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