Magic Appears At the Intersection Between Passion and Action. (And Happy 2020! And Here’s How To Get My Book For Free!)

Magic appears at the intersection between passion and action.

For this new decade, ya think it’s time to let go of the old stories that have held you back for so many years, stopped you from playing bigger, feeling happier, taking risks?

Years ago (before my near-death experience) I had a very intense and special New Years Eve when I came face-to-face with my own self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. That night, after deep contemplation and cathartic releasing, I made a massive commitment to say YES to Life instead of continuing to hold myself back and play small. (If you’re curious to know what I did and what happened as a result, check out this video).

I’m returning to this yet again – and I’m ready to say YES to yet another new level of joy and success and creative intensity for my life. I want that for you too – or whatever version that might be for you (if that’s what you want and are ready for).

So how the hell do we shift into that new, more luscious gear?



Step One Is Passion.

What are you passionate about?

What are you curious about?

What stirs your heart and imagination?

Get clear on that. Sound simple? IT’S NOT. That’s why people skip this step. It sounds so easy – because who doesn’t know what they want? The answer is: Pretty much everyone to one degree or another.

Get clear, my friend. DREAM. Use your juicy imagination to conjure up new outcomes and situations that would interest you and light you up. Feel how it feels when you imagine doing or being or having those things. Clarity, clarity, and more clarity.


next step-1273088_1920

Step Two Is Action.

What are you willing to DO toward the realization of those passions and curiosities?

It’s so fun and easy to learn about things, read books about it, contemplate taking those Big Steps, and make detailed plansIt’s a whole other ballgame to actually TAKE ACTION.

But that’s where the magic exists.

Are you willing to actually make the time and take the necessary steps to create a more inspired and joyful life? What ARE those steps? (More clarity here…).


In Between Steps 1 and 2…

butterflies-843298_1920Now. In between Step 1 and 2 is the releasing of the old stories, the habits, the resentments and grudges and victim stories and hurts and blaming and pain pain pain.

Do this RELEASING to whatever degree you are able, and in whichever way(s) you know how: Counseling, EFT-Tapping, meditation, psychedelic therapy, de-looping. (Note: Drinking extra alcohol and shopping at sales and going for another hour of porn isn’t going to release that stuff, fyi).

The way to the other side where the light is shinier and warmer… is THROUGH it. Yes that stinks. But it actually feels GOOD. You will breathe deeper, sleep more soundly, be more fun to be around, smile more, your load will lighten. It’s energy, my friend. Let it go.

Actually those 3 steps/parts are interchangeable; they don’t have to be in order. Just START. Release, Dream, Take Action. Mix and match. Keep doing it.

Then notice how things change in your life.


To honor your journey and the beginning of this New Year / New Decade, I have a gift for you:

Barb holding her bookI am giving away as many Kindle/digital copies of my book, “How To Stop Negative Thoughts” as want to be had for the first 5 days of 2020. Nothing required. Just go to Amazon between Jan 1-5 and you can get the Kindle edition FOR FREE.

The world needs your heart, your energy, your creativity, your kindness, your inspiration. So let’s clear the crap out – and you can start doing that by getting my book and committing to starting the New Year with De-Looping.

Share this with your family and friends – and also with that very irritating complainer at work. Let’s lift everyone up and make this world a more fun place to be in.

I wish you all the love and joy that human existence can offer.

Much love to you and those whom you love,


PS Go to the Amazon page for my book between Jan 1-5, 2020 to receive the Kindle/ebook version of my book for free. You don’t have to sign up for anything, it’s my gift to you! xo

One thought on “Magic Appears At the Intersection Between Passion and Action. (And Happy 2020! And Here’s How To Get My Book For Free!)

  1. I read this book a while ago and loved it. Passed it onto my friend so she could learn how to manage her thoughts, too. Thank you Barbara for the wonderful work you do. You are changing lives for the better! 🙂


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