Who You Spend Time With MATTERS (more than you think)


Ever consider how much the people you spend the most time with impact your life? 

How much do you think their lives and choices and beliefs influence your own?

Turns out, an ENORMOUS amount.

The people you spend the most time with have a much more POTENT impact on your life and choices than you ever would have imagined. Their presence, comments, and habits can affect:

• Your financial goals

• How healthy and loving and passionate your relationships are

• Your health, energy, and even whether you can drop extra pounds

• Whether you stay or leave a job or career you don’t like

• Your overall joy in life, AND…

• The intensity of Mind Loops you experience.

I go into detail about this in this videoCheck it out… and CHOOSE WISELY.


And here is something really cool for you!

5 people you spend most time with title

To gain tremendous clarity about this, I created something for you:

Download your 5 People You Spend the Most Time With Worksheet .

(No need to sign up for anything. My gift to you).

I bet it will inspire some insights… (Would LOVE to hear those in the comments below, by the way!).

As always, to your happiness!


Barbara’s bestselling Amazon book on Mind Loops: How To Stop Negative Thoughts: What My Near Death Experience Taught Me About Mind Loops, Neuroscience, and Happiness



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