Tough Time? Here’s An Easy Technique To Unlock a New Perspective

alchemy bottle
The B-Blog: “Tough Time? A Easy Technique To Unlock a New Perspective” – May 2017
Going through something tough? Want to unlock a new perspective on the situation? Check out this video I shot on how to become an Alchemist of Adversity.
Our minds can get locked into a specific way of viewing something crummy we’re going through. That “tunnel vision” can lead to creating distressing Mind Loops. And Mind Loops only serve to further feed the heavy emotions and increase stress in your life. Not fun.
pink smoke photo by Kristopher Roller via StockSnap copyThis is one of the “De-Story” techniques, and it truly helps shift the way you’ll look at a problem. A new perspective brings fresh air to the problem, allowing unforeseen possibilities, compassion (for yourself or others), and “reasons why” to arise – and even some “Ah-Ha!” answers on to how to deal with it.
Most importantly, it can help bring more peace to your thoughts and life.
Watch how to become an Alchemist of Adversity (actually try out the technique!) and see how you feel.
And please share your thoughts below! Because we can all benefit from hearing about your shifts.
To your happiness!

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Barbara Ireland is a transformational speaker, singer, and founder of the “De-Looping Method” that stops repetitive, negative thoughts. She is author of the Amazon bestseller, How To Stop Negative Thoughts: What My Near Death Experience Taught Me About Neuroscience, Mind Loops, and Happiness.

photo credit: pink smoke by Kristopher Roller via StockSnap

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