Is Your Energy Tank Leaking?

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.47.21 PMImagine for a moment…

…that you have an oxygen tank strapped to your back. You’re floating around in the ocean somewhere admiring a gorgeously bizarre sea creature… When some diver dude with a ‘muscle car’ type body suddenly swims up to you out of nowhere, ‘tailgates’ you, bumps into you, and then flips you off as he points to a decal on his wet suit that reads, “Eat My Flipper!” 

After you get over the shock of it all, you’re furious! Your heart is pounding, you’re trying to flip him off in revenge although the only thing that sees you is the confused octopus peering at your from behind a rock. You’re also breathing hard. REALLY hard. Uh-oh… You glance at your oxygen meter and discover that the encounter got you so worked up that you’ve ‘leaked’ a ton of oxygen out of your tank. You need to go up for air or you’re going to be in trouble. Your undersea adventure got cut short because of that jerk.

Okay, back to you and your life above water…

This time imagine you’re going through your normal day – except you still have a tank on your back. It’s not an oxygen tank however; this tank is filled with LIFE ENERGY. Your precious life energy.

You’re driving home from work, enjoying the beautiful view at the end of a sunny day. Suddenly some a-hole speeds up to you out of nowhere in a car without a muffler. He tailgates you, and flips you off as he cuts you off and speeds by. You’re furious. You’re so angry in fact, that you chase after him, get right up behind him, blast your horn, and flip him off while yelling all sorts of interesting words at him.

Guess what is going on with your life energy tank this time? You guessed it: It’s leaking, and leaking BAD.

It doesn’t matter how much energy you have at any given moment. Your energy is limited. Period.

We use life energy to do the mundane tasks of life: Brushing teeth, preparing food, buying (and using!) toilet paper, making the bed.

We also use energy to do the less mundane tasks of life: Performing our best at our work; imagining new creations; raising our children; loving, and making love.

And we use energy for ‘inner world’ activities such as thinking, feeling emotions, dreaming.

Every activity you do requires a ‘payback’ in the form of energy from your tank. Which activities are worth spending your precious life energy on? Because while nobody likes to talk about it, the fact is we all know that at the end of the day, every one of our energy tanks will eventually be extinguished and this extraordinary experience we call life will be over.

So if you consider that your energy tank has a limited amount of juice in it… How much do you want to spend on worrying? Resenting someone? Fearing the worst? Yelling expletives at the muffler-less driver? Replaying conversations over and over in your head? Holding yourself back from your dreams? Holding your tongue when in fact it’s your truth that’s being held hostage?

You have a choice.
Mind Loops are like the ropes that strap us down mentally and emotionally while we poke holes in our life energy tank and allow all of that precious life force to leak out, never to return.

Are you willing to pay the price of fretting, doubting yourself, spending time creating revenge fantasies, and delving into all the other Mind Loop traps?

Hand over the ‘cash’ for those things and you’ll have less energy available for creativity, laughter, good health, happiness, and peace of mind.

And the price is even steeper than that!

When we engage in Mind LOOPING we age faster, get sick more often, experience big regrets, and you won’t have to watch reality TV to enjoy a big dose of drama in relationships!

Isn’t your life more valuable than that?

Your Challenge This Week:

1) Ask yourself, “How much do I want to ‘pay’ for this particular situation or concern in my life with my precious life energy? And am I ‘overpaying’ in certain areas?”

2) If you decide you have “paid enough” in the form of: worries, resentments, overanalyzing, doubting, envy, fear and the rest of the Rat Pack of Mind Loops… Then say: “ENOUGH!” And immediately bring yourself back to the present by focusing on your five senses: Look around you. Listen to the sounds. Feel your foot from the inside out (literally!). Take a breath.

Each time you do this, you will be plugging up the energy leaks on your tank. You will look better, feel better, think better, act better, BE better.

Here’s to a full and happy tank!



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4 thoughts on “Is Your Energy Tank Leaking?

  1. It’s hard dealing with people on a daily basis. Growing up (and even in my adult years) I’ve been teased repeatedly because I’m not the most beautiful creature on earth. This gave me a lot to reflect on. Thanks.


    1. Tina: How sad it is that the world has so many bullies in it. You might want to check out my book, “How To Stop Negative Thoughts” on Amazon because my whole “de-looping” system shows how to not take other people’s unkind remarks so personally – and to detach from the dark ones we have already internalized. Sending you warm energy!


  2. I know who’s the “eat my flipper” guy in my life. It’s my husband. Trying to make it work, but I really feel drained. I’m overpaying like you said. I need to take control of my own emotion, though. This post really helped me take a few things into consideration.


    1. Your situation sounds tough. You know when an airplane is taking off and the flight attendant says, “Place the oxygen mask over your own mouth first before assisting others”? VERY often we forget this, and we help everyone else at the expense of ourselves. That leaves us with so little energy left to help anyone at all, let alone experience our own happiness. I hope you can shift some (a lot?) of your energy back onto yourself and “refill your energy tank.” Sending you good energy!


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