Treat Yourself Like a Dog

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.01.09 AMDogs live in the present. They love unconditionally. Is it any surprise then what ‘dog’ spells backwards?

Humans live 50%, 80% even 90% in our minds. We are rarely PRESENT. Have you ever looked at how many books are written about on how to be present? There are scads of them! Why? Because it’s so damn difficult for us to do! We habitually live in our minds – even though we too, as humans, are animals.

Being in our minds pulls us out of our bodies. And our bodies are our connection to Life. When we ignore or denigrate our bodies, we are doing so at our own peril.

Like dogs, we need to eat when we’re hungry. And yet we have forgotten to listen to our bodies:

Are we hungry? Although our stomach may be growling, sometimes we ignore the signal and skip meals and get lightheaded and make mistakes at work and snap at our loved ones.

Are we full? Although our belly is happily puffed out and we’re fully satiated physically, we sometimes continue eating until we feel sick and/or ashamed; we snack to fill emotional voids, we crave sugar and salt because our taste buds are out of whack or we’re addicted to man-made chemicals in our foods.

Perhaps we bring a dish of food with us as we sit down and turn on the telly to watch our favorite program… We get engrossed in the story and a little while later we reach down for another tidbit… and are shocked to find nothing left on our plate! How did that happen?! We tasted not one bite. And then we still feel hungry because our minds weren’t even aware we were actually eating. Then we wonder why we are overweight.

Like dogs, we need to go on walks, breathe fresh air, and be in natural light. We need to experience Nature (even if it’s just a city garden), and get fully into our 5 senses (and out of our heads) to smell and see and feel different things. Creativity and problem-solving LOVE these kinds of walks.

Like dogs, we need to go to the bathroom when our body tells us it is ready – and yet we make ourselves “hold it” while we stay working at our computer long after we’ve gotten the ‘signal.’ The result? We develop bladder infections and constipation. The body is just responding to what it’s being told.

Like dogs, we need to play. We need to romp and laugh and have fun goals and learn new skills. And not just play by ourselves. We need interactive play – that joyful connection between others, both with our own species and with other species.

And like dogs, we need love. Our bodies need to be touched, hugged, kissed, petted. We need to gaze into another’s eyes and know we are cared for.

And the most important person of all who needs to care for you… Is YOU.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.58.58 PMWhen will you begin to treat yourself like a dog? Take yourself for regular walks, eat only when hungry, drink pure water (when was the last time you poured Coca Cola into your dog’s water dish?!), find outlets to play, learn new skills and laugh? When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and said, “I love you”?

When you begin doing these things, your life will change. You will quickly feel happier, healthier, more energetic; you’ll be more compassionate and generous towards others, sleep better, think more clearly. You’ll be more present. And yes, you’ll have less worry, stress, and Mind Loops.

We are body, mind, and spirit. The better you treat one aspect of yourself, the better you’ll feel in all aspects.

Your Challenge This Week:

Treat yourself like a dog! Give as much love and care to your SELF as you would to a beloved pet. Dogs after all, don’t have Mind Loops! Lucky dogs!

When you start truly taking care of yourself and your body and well-being… you’ll start experiencing more of what dog spells backwards.

Happy Romping!



3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Like a Dog

  1. Yes!! Interesting perspective. Most of us don’t mistreat our pets, but we mistreat ourselves. That’s so strange to me. I guess we don’t believe that we deserve better.


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