Welcome to The B-Blog

berry laughing cropThat’s ‘B’ as in Barbara. Every article is stuffed and packed with Mind Loop subjects… and most importantly, tools to help you get past them. Sample a few and see what you think. Most importantly, TRY THE CHALLENGES OUT. Just reading them (fun though they may be to read) won’t do jack. Well, it might switch your brain a bit and inspire your heart. But the BIG SHIFTS occur when you actually DO the suggestions. That’s when the FUN begins. Take it from a post-looper (and all of my post-looping clients): This stuff is coolio. And yes that’s a technical word.

Share your thoughts after you’ve read – and better yet after you’ve tried out a Challenge (there’s one in almost every post). Let others know how it worked for you, what you noticed… Your experience will benefit others! Let’s all jump on this de-looping ship together and help each other get off the loop-de-loop! Or at least supply barf bags. 😉

Happy reading! xo Barbara

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