Was 2022 a hard year for you? If so, read on.

The Mind Loops Blog – Dec 2022

Life is a continual flow and mish-mash of highs and lows, successes and struggles, health and health disruptions, deep love and utter sadness…

Being human – or a spirit with a human body – means we have (on some level) agreed to experience the FULL ARRAY of flavors, colors, emotions, and experiences that life has to offer – whether or not we like them.

This is the rainbow of human existence.

Oh, how I hope that the colors of 2022’s rainbow were primarily on the joyful spectrum for you.

But if they weren’t… If the colors of 2022 were more of the darker hue, or even quite black (and I have heard from many that this was so), know that:

My heart is WITH you.




My 2022 was tremendously difficult. One of my most painful years ever. So I truly DO understand if yours was hard.

Somewhere, somehow… someTHING knew that you (and I) could handle what occurred (or is still occurring). Even if it’s REALLY HARD.

And we ARE handling it, aren’t we? We’re still here, after all.

(give your sweet cheek a pat; you’re surviving, beautiful You).

But when life moves into those darker shades of the rainbow, it certainly isn’t easy.

So what are some ways that can help you move through it with more grace and equanimity?

Of course there are the usual things people suggest – eating healthily, exercising, getting enough sleep.

As important as these are (and they are VERY important), they can be challenging to do when we’re under tremendous stress. So we do our best, and that has to be good enough.

But on a deeper level…

Here are a few things that have helped me, and if you’re still in the Hard Times, perhaps these will help you too:

1) De-Loop the repetitive negative thoughts and worries.

This doesn’t mean to IGNORE what’s happening, or DENY it. Noooo.

This means:

Do not allow a negative looping thought to sabotage the freedom that is your NOW.

For your NOW is ALL YOU HAVE.

And it’s in the NOW where you can actually find peace and solace.

So when the looping starts up, pull out my book, and de-loop.

FEEL any emotions if they are coming up – very important; they NEED to be honored, and to move through your body. But don’t linger in that mental looping hell with your thoughts.

2) Repeat these beautiful phrases (mantras) OFTEN:

“This too shall pass.”

“One day at a time.”

I have repeated these again and again. And it’s true: EVERYTHING passes, everything changes. Just like the weather. Let the storm clouds move over and through you.

Time (and its passage) has been one of my greatest gifts.

3) Nature.

I make sure I walk in nature (or just in my neighborhood if that’s all I have time for) every single day:

Fresh air.

The non-judgmental attitude of trees.

The resilience of winter Camelias blooming when everything else is dormant.

The diamond-like bursts of light that the rain creates on city streets under lamplight.

Slow down enough to enjoy the freshness and creativity of life in all its forms. Allow it to encompass you, calm your mind and heart, and restore balance to your nervous system.

4) And the most difficult and yet profound suggestion: LET GO.

If there’s one thing humans have trouble with, it’s LETTING GO.

Letting go of (attempting to) control.

Letting go of other people (including their behaviors).

Letting go of how we thought things would or should or how we want them to be.

When we LET GO, it’s like we finally release our desperate, claw-like grip to the edge of the deep scary chasm… and discover that instead of crashing violently to the bottom, we… instead… FLOAT.

Something holds us. Something consoles us. Something assists us.

Our heart lifts. Our tears soften. Our troubles begin to resolve.

Just as your body miraculously (and with no help from you) heals a wound on your finger, Life has a way of healing the wounds of the heart and spirit.

But we must first LET GO. We must move out of the way, so Life can do its special work.

If you’re feeling a bit “worse for wear” from this past year, I hope these suggestions help strengthen and comfort you.

(Not that you need strength – you’re already strong.)

And if, on the other hand, your 2022 was joyful… then CHEERS to you! Wheee!

Those times are special indeed, and how fortunate we are when fine weather blows our way.

Either way, know how much I value and cherish YOU as part of this De-Looping Community.

Wishing you Joy, Creativity, Deep Love, and Special-and-Unusual-Occurrences in 2023!



Barbara Ireland
Author of the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller, How To Stop Negative Thoughts
Contributing author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

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