Do This For Massive CLARITY and SOLUTIONS

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There is no better time than during this crazy period of upheaval, change and Covid, to ask yourself (finally!) this very important question:

“Is THIS working for me?”

THIS” being:

• my relationship(s)

• job/career

• clothing style

• home

• city

• food choices

• habits

• thought patterns

• healing protocols

• income level

• health/energy/sleep level quality

• life path…

If a particular area of your life popped into your head with the immediate thought:

“Oh gawd… yikes… NO! It’s NOT working for me!” 

…it’s time for a deeper look.

BEGIN by asking yourself these 3 questions

(your frontal lobe already has some info ready to share with you):

  1. WHAT is not working specifically?
  2. What part of this situation is MINE – even if it just means I’m ALLOWING it to occur?
  3. What is in MY CONTROL – even if the only thing in my control is my RESPONSE to what’s occurring?

Once you’ve done a little digging with your CONSCIOUS mind… it’s time for your SUBCONSCIOUS to start working on the problem.

Outer Blocks Mirror Inner Blocks

When there are blocks in our thinking, body, or home, unblocking ONE area opens up blocks in the others.

So… It’s time to DECLUTTER and CLEAN your home.

(I dare you to TRY IT before you snigger. even for 10 minutes.)

Decluttering your OUTER home opens up stuck energy in your INNER home (your mind). And it will help you gain clarity and problem-solve like you wouldn’t believe. 

You’ll start seeing what DOESN’T belong – beyond the crud in the corners of your bathroom:

• The outfits you keep because you loved them way back when they were in style and now look like something Melanie Griffith USED to look hot in, when her hair was ginormous…
• The dense books you’ll never read but you kept because you believed made you appear scholarly (to WHOM?)…
• The old love letters from the person who broke your heart two years ago whom you constantly loop on with resentment and sadness – which keeps your anger and low self esteem alive, and holds you back from a loving future relationship;
• That WEIRD UGLY knick-damn-knack your mother-in-law gave you that you irritatingly pull out from the back of the closet and set on the coffee table whenever she comes to visit;
• The couch that still smells like old Max the 18-year-old beloved cat that had a continence problem before he passed on…

Dream House

I studied Jungian dream psychology in a weekly Dream Group for 5 years. I remember distinctly how Jung believed that when buildings appeared in dreams – in particular our homes – they represented our state of mind.

If you have a cluttered REAL home, that translates into a cluttered MENTAL home.

As within, so without.

So as you clean WITHOUT, your WITHIN will clean as well. It will feel like someone Windexed your inner windows.

Ideas and solutions will begin to occur in your mind about that area in your life that is no longer working for you:

• You may discover an easy way to rekindle the joy, or the health, or the love.

• You may be led “like magic” to a supplement or doctor or methodology that heals your ailments, lifts your mood, or solves your insomnia.

• Or you may suddenly feel clear that it’s time to leave the relationship or job or home or unhealthy habit.

(And if you choose to follow that clear inner guidance, it’s true it most likely won’t be a “fun” experience during the transition; but you’ll know you have the INNER STRENGTH to go through it. And you’ll be doing it for the love and respect of your sweet Self.

And AFTER the dust settles, you’ll remember what it feels like to SOAR.

Begin decluttering and cleaning your home (the inner AND outer homes), and NOTICE how those stuck areas shift… and shine.

PS If you’d like help de-looping negative thoughts that come up as you declutter, check out my book, How To Stop Negative Thoughts.

Or… if you’d like a deep-dive into CONSCIOUSLY-creating the life you want to live, my online video program, Blueprint For Magic” really IS magical. xo

Barbara Ireland
Author of the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller, How To Stop Negative Thoughts
Contributing author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

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2 thoughts on “Do This For Massive CLARITY and SOLUTIONS

  1. I took your advice and not only decluttered but added a little Feng Shui action to my bedroom. Sleeping problems gone. Thanks Barbara!


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