Day 2 “Marvelous Mentors” Series: My Intense Harp Teacher & the Grander Vision of Self

The Mind Loops Blog – Day 2 “Marvelous Mentors” Series: My Intense Harp Teacher & the Grander Vision of Self – March 2018

Edith Lundgren

When I was 9 years old, I decided I wanted to play harp. My teacher, Edith Lundgren was equal parts intimidating and incredibly loving – and also became one of my greatest mentors.

In Day 2 of the Mentors Series, I talk about all the ways (often quite hilarious) that she pushed me toward a grander vision and version of myself.

And I ask the question: Why do we make ourselves and our lives so SMALL? Sometimes it takes someone outside ourselves to see the grand potential that is possible for us.

You can watch Day 2’s video here:

Mentor still2-Lundgren

Mind Loops (repetitive, negative thoughts, many of which are unconscious) are very cunning and effective at BLOCKING us from becoming our grander selves. It’s important to consciously challenge those old “small” beliefs. Do the challenge I suggest in the video. Take small steps toward a grander vision… and observe what is possible.

PLEASE SHARE what came up for you… and whether you’re WILLING to see yourself in a bigger way that you have.

To your Grand Self!

xo Barbara


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