Day 1 “Marvelous Mentors” Series: Werner Herzog & the Death of Imagination

The Mind Loops Blog – “Best advice Barbara learned from 7 of her mentors, from Werner Herzog To Mama” – March 2018

Herzog quote

I’ve been thinking about all the amazing mentors I’ve had throughout my life. Some were on purpose like teachers, others were by accident, like spending 2 exhilarating evenings with filmmaker Werner Herzog. What gifts I received from all of them!

So I decided to create the “Marvelous Mentors” video series. Every day this week I’m creating a new video where I share the primary gift(s) I learned from 7 of my top mentors.

Episode #1 is up today:

“Werner Herzog & the Death of Imagination.”

Marvelous Mentors1-Herzog2

Here’s the deal: Mentors can appear in any form at any time – if we’re receptive to learning from others. They may not even come in human form. You may have learned about deep love from a pet, or about peace and resilience from a favorite tree.

It’s easy to get into a Mind Loop state of, “I know what’s best” (not just for oneself, but for everyone else too), or “That person is boring, I doubt I could learn anything from them.” It’s true we may not jibe with a particular person, but often I learn things from even random people who surprised me with their insights or brilliance.

So who were your mentors? What did you learn from them? Did you ever tell them how much they meant to you? Imagine what hearing that would mean to them…

So here’s my video on Werner Herzog. I hope you check out the series – and even more, I hope that watching the series jogs some powerful and fond memories about your own mentors and what you gained from them. If so, I’d LOOOVE to hear about them! Add a comment below – or under the video – so we all can learn from the gifts you received.

I hope you enjoy! To your happiness – AND to our marvelous mentors,


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