Day 3 “Marvelous Mentors” Series: My Improv Acting Teacher & Going For the Fear

The Mind Loops Blog – Day 3 “Marvelous Mentors” Series: My Improv Acting Teacher & Going For the Fear – March 2018

Roberta Maguire at Second City

When I was 19 I enrolled in an improv acting course that scared the hell out of me. It was led by an incredible teacher named Roberta Maguire.

Roberta is a Second City alum, and she is a powerhouse. When I was half-assing it in class (out of, basically terror!) she challenged me to “Go for the fear.” In Day 3 of the Mentor Series, I describe what happened when she said that…

You can watch Day 3’s video here:

Mentor3 STILL-Maguire

Throughout my life, whenever I have forgotten to “go for the fear,” I contracted, felt way less “alive”, had lower vitality, and life sometimes even felt mundane. This is a mantra I always want to remember. Use it, and watch your life change.

Mind Loops (repetitive, negative thoughts and FEARS) automatically block us from going into the JUICE of life. We stay on the sidelines, and back AWAY from fear instead of going FOR it.

How often do YOU “go for the fear”? What happens when you do – and what happens when you don’t? Would love to hear your thoughts – and also about your OWN mentors.

Here’s to living a rich and adventurous life!

xo Barbara

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