Happy (de-looped) Holidays From Barbara!


Hi dear friend!

I made a cheerful little holiday video for you – you can watch it here. ūüôā

Wishing you an EXTRAORDINARY 2017 – it’s gonna be a goodie. Cuz I have lots of Mind Loop things planned for you… Including a brand new, updated, 6-week Mind Loops course! We’re going to do a deep dive into making FULL USE¬†of your awesome frontal lobe – along with your body and energy – to clear out the old negative thoughts and emotional rubbish, wake up your senses, increase your confidence, energy and inner peace… and make this one of your BEST years yet!


35% OFF the tuition for my new 6-week, online Mind Loops course!

(special price available through Dec 31st, 2016)

It’s planned for the Spring… More details to come.

Just¬†email me at: barbara@themindloopgroup.com with “Mind Loops course holiday special” in the subject line BY¬†DECEMBER 31st, 2016.

I’ll put you on the list for more info, and if you decide it’s right for you once you’ve read all the awesome details, we’ll take¬†35% off the tuition. Coolio!

In the meantime, to¬†not get trapped by the stress of the holiday season, pull out my book and review all the de-looping techniques you’ve learned: Interrupt and detach from negative thoughts¬†when you catch them, use the de-story methods to reframe situations that threaten to bring you down…

And if you need a little extra help during this kinda¬†crazy season, don’t forget you can get 10 days of FREE “life hacks” to stop negative thinking and boost your mood, by clicking here.

Big warmth and affection to you!!

To your great happiness in 2017,


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