When a Mind Loop Hits, Find Your Trail of Breadcrumbs

The Mind Loops Blog – Oct 2017 – “When a Mind Loop Hits, Find Your Trail of Breadcrumbs”

One week ago I returned from Peru. It wasn’t an easy trip; the itinerary we’d set for ourselves was incredibly complex. And while all types of travel has its share of bumps, traveling in a Third World country – no matter how wonderful – can magnify those bumps and transform them into boulders. We were also never below 9,000 feet in altitude (all the way up to 15,000 feet), which meant we were breathing 30% less oxygen, and that takes its toll on body and mind.

But this was a Bucket List trip.

As a teenager, I had had recurring dreams of a magnificent place I lived in, green with fertility, vast, stunning views, endless stone steps… Two years after the dreams stopped, I found a postcard in a drugstore that made me catch my breath. There it was, in clear photographic detail, the place of my recurring dreams: Machu Picchu. I vowed I would one day go there. After many years, I finally fulfilled that vow.

The transition of coming home has meant getting a ton of extra sleep (with plenty of dreams involving caves, Peruvian faces, and climbing difficult objects) and doing my best to assimilate all that occurred. Part of that assimilation process is in “mining” the experience for the gems: What did I learn? How did I grow?

One “gem” in particular keeps rising to the top, like the cream in a bucket of Peruvian goat milk. It is this:

Follow the trail of breadcrumbs.

We each get “messages” that are like clues in a cosmic scavenger hunt, that tell us which step to take next (in life or a project), who to contact, where to go, what feels right, what doesn’t feel right – when we’re clear enough to receive them. These messages come in many different forms – snippets of conversations that stand out, lines in books, nighttime dreams, dialogue in movies, words on bus cards, chance meetings, intuition.

You can tell me these messages don’t exist – and if that’s your belief, then that is true for you. For me, they do exist. And with each one I follow, it leads me to another, like a breadcrumb trail that leads to something greater than I could have imagined. This has happened many times in my life – and each time, I have been surprised and delighted with the outcome.

When I live my life well, I am following the breadcrumbs. When my life becomes a struggle, I am ignoring the trail, trying to control things and bend life to make it the way I think I want it to be. Or I am comparing myself to others and thus begin my free-fall down into a Mind Loop crevasse.

But if I open my ears, my eyes, my heart… I see the trail. 

Once I’m tuned into the messages, I have but one task: To follow the leads I’m given. This requires conscious choice, intention, and action. When I’m up for that task, the trail invariably leads me somewhere I deeply want to go – whether I know it yet or not.

What messages are you getting?

What is your heart telling you? What does it want? Trying asking it.

What if you were to experiment by opening your ears and eyes to actively look and listen for the messages you are being given – at least to see if they’re there? Perhaps they’ve been there all along but you just hadn’t noticed them.

What are your dreams telling you? You may receive insight from your subconscious through them. 

Look for the crumbs… then follow them.

There is a flow to life that opens up when you do this.

There is a depth to life that appears that is far beyond the dismal news reports and the petty grievances.

Look… because there is treasure to be found in them thar breadcrumb hills…

Happy hunting, my friend.

To your happiness,


Barbara Ireland is a transformational speaker, singer, and founder of the “De-Looping Method” that stops repetitive, negative thoughts. She is author of the Amazon bestseller, How To Stop Negative Thoughts: What My Near Death Experience Taught Me About Neuroscience, Mind Loops, and Happiness.

2 thoughts on “When a Mind Loop Hits, Find Your Trail of Breadcrumbs

  1. Beautiful reminder, Barbara – thank you! I always feel like that flow comes just as much from the paying attention – being more engaged & open to my life experience as it happens – as it does from acting on the messages I might receive (a great trust practice). Can’t wait to hear more stories from Peru! 🙂


  2. Thank you Michele for the comment! Fully agree! This morning I videotaped a dancing reflection playing on my bathroom ceiling because it was so gorgeous. Wouldn’t have noticed that “magic” if I was all in my head (or god forbid, looping!). More from Peru coming soon! 🙂


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