Our Routines Kick Our Ass!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 6.47.23 PMThe subject of ROUTINES sounds so… well, routine. Possibly even boring. But hold on a sec – routines are so powerful, they can either send you into the stratosphere of success… or they can kick your ass straight into a life of unfulfilled desires.

Whatever we do, day in and day out, is the result we will have in our life.

If we say, “I want more money! After all, I’m intelligent! I’m talented! Why can’t I make more money?!”… But then we come home and watch hours of TV at night… Our routine is superseding our desire. And our Will becomes a flabby muscle.

If we say, “I want to write a book! I have an AMAZING story to tell! It’s so important I get it out there!”… But then day in and day out we somehow find every reason possible to not sit down and write; and to not CREATE a routine of writing every day… Yes you guessed it: Our routine (or lack thereof) is kicking our ass!

Our Routines, Beliefs, and Mind Loops Go Hand In Hand

Our routines are often based upon our Mind Loops.

Likewise, Mind Loops are very interconnected with deep-seated (and often unconscious) beliefs.

For instance, if we spent a little time talking with the person in the first example (above), we might discover that they have Mind Loops/beliefs such as:

“Earning a lot of money takes too much time, energy, and struggle!”

or, “Rich people are greedy and selfish!”

or, “I am not worthy of having a lot of money.” 

or, “People will take advantage of me if I become rich.”

I don’t know about you, but I would imagine that:

Overworking and struggling… being greedy and selfish… or being taken advantage of… all sound pretty darn awful. And that’s exactly what this person’s belief system around money is.

Is it any wonder that subconsciously this person would find a way to sabotage their ability to earn a lot of money? Watching TV for hours every night sounds like as good a method as any to do the dirty work of sabotage.

But then we’re still stuck with a life of unfulfilled desires.

How badly do you want your desires? Are you willing to “look under the hood” to discover what Mind Loops are waylaying your deepest dreams? Are you willing to possibly change a routine or two that is kicking your ass?

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 6.49.24 PM



Get out a timer, set it for 5 mins. Have paper and pen ready. Then CONTEMPLATE these questions for the full 5 minutes:

  1. What do I desire the most? (ie, earn more money, lose weight, find love, make great new friends, or a specific goal like to write a book)
  2. What routine(s) are getting in the way of me fulfilling this desire the most? (ie, too much TV, procrastination, fearful or negative thoughts)

Contemplation is an active form of thinking. Keep asking yourself these questions… At the end of the 5 minutes, write down your thoughts.

You will be surprised at the tremendous insight you’ll gain into yourself and your Mind Loops from Contemplation.

If you are open to doing this 3 times this week… then even better! Because each time you Contemplate on the same question, you will naturally dig deeper. Insights will MULTIPLY.


Then ask yourself:

“What ONE routine am I willing to change (or create) in order to bring my desire to me?”

Make it SIMPLE. For instance, if you’re the avid TV watcher, you could choose to limit your TV watching to 1 hour/night, or unlimited hours for just 2 nights/week.

Then use all that extra time to feed your desire, whatever that may be.

If you’d like more personalized help and/or motivation with your Mind Loops and ass-kicking routines, I offer very effective mentoring sessions. In these sessions, we deprogram deep-seated Mind Loops/beliefs, and reprogram in supportive ones. Email me at newmindloops@gmail.com for more information.

Here’s to a kick-ass week of transforming ass-kicking routines!

To Your Happiness!


4 thoughts on “Our Routines Kick Our Ass!

  1. The routine that I would love to change or get rid of completely is my 9-5 job. They say money doesn’t bring wealth, but I’d like to test that for myself.


    1. Hi Janella, I understand!! Do you know what kind of work you’d rather be doing? Is there a way to start doing it – to whatever degree you can – and let it grow…? When we start taking action towards the things we WANT, opportunities often arise… Wishing you all the best!


  2. You said, “Make it simple.” Yes! That’s it! I always tend to over complicate habit change. We just need to take small steps to make great progress. Great tips on how to start. Thanks so much.


    1. You’re right Rana: A ton of small steps isn’t so scary or difficult to do… and before you know it, they all add up to a BIG change! Glad you benefitted from the article! 🙂


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