I call him Napoleon Bona-HEART – a Napoleon with a different kind of “power”

(PLUS: I will be the Guest Speaker, LIVE on Zoom, Tues, June 1st, 2021. Zoom invite link is listed below)

With your permission, I’d like to start with a word of advice:

Follow the “breadcrumbs” that appear in your life.

What are “breadcrumbs”?

These are the hints, leads, random comments, dreams, song lyrics and intuitive “hits” that are trying to lead you somewhere.

These things are GOLD. Following them is like a Treasure Hunt on steroids. They always lead me somewhere GOOD.

Recently I followed my “breadcrumbs”, and they led me to a man who is making a BIG DIFFERENCE in the realms of happiness, fulfillment, conscious-creating, and community.

And he has the perfect name to go with his BIG HEART, and the BIGNESS his actions have produced:

Napoleon Gratitude.

Unlike the Napoleon from history, whose life centered around power for Power’s sake… THIS Napoleon’s work centers around (surprise!) the power of GRATITUDE.

If you’re thinking: “Oh no, not the gratitude thing again!” Time to re-think that.

Gratitude has the power to change your neural pathways – just like the De-Looping Method.

Your conscious mind can focus on only ONE THING AT A TIME. If you train it to focus on things you appreciate about your life… it has no time to think of the negative.

With consistency:

  • Your old, negative neural pathways begin to shut down
  • Your inner voice slowly transforms from a critical, condescending judge and bully… to the voice of support and kindness and great ideas
  • Worries lessen
  • Ease begins to flow.

Every day Napoleon sends out a text message to 18,000+ people. The message includes a series of easy steps for that person to bring more ease, joy, and meaning into their life.

Napoleon’s steps are brilliant and yet simple to do. AND… he offers this wisdom (and much more) for FREE.

Receive his daily gratitude steps on his Facebook group, The Gratitude Magic Group.

ADDITIONALLY… every Tuesday, he hosts a Zoom meeting with guest speakers who share their wisdom and tips to transcend fear and anxiety, reprogram the mind, and live with more ease.

THIS COMING TUESDAY, JUNE 1st I am honored to be the guest speaker!

I will share my near-death experience, Mind Loops, and practical steps people can take to release their negative thinking patterns and create more joy.

Please join Napoleon and me this Tuesday evening, 7pm PDT. It’s FREE! 🙂



Meeting ID: 639 097 1181

Passcode: Gratitude

A WORD OF WARNING: If you start doing the steps Napoleon and I suggest, you may become… HAPPY!

Xo Barbara

PS and… the fact you just read this blog might be a “breadcrumb”…!

Barbara Ireland
Author of the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller, How To Stop Negative Thoughts
Contributing author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

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