New Interview: My Near-Death Experience, Guidance For You, and My Upcoming Free Course

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I have yet to “meet” a near-death experience that wasn’t mind-blowing. If you’re curious about them too, listen in to this interview I recently did with the lovely (inside and out), Silvia Isachsen. I cover details of what occurred on that fateful day in 2010 at the insane camp I attended that nearly took me out.

Plus I go into important insights/guidance about health and wellness, depression, and Mind Loops.

Get ready for some tears (at least from me! lol).

PLUS: Exciting news! I’m about to present a 3-session FREE COURSE on how to remove 3 top blocks that are getting in the way of your conscious-creating, and your happiness. I go into more about the course in the interview, how this deeply connects with Mind Loops, why it’s the next phase of my work, and how to sign up.

More to come about the free course and this “next phase” – it’s inspiring, uplifting, and deep…

In the meantime:

You can watch the interview here.

To your deep and profound happiness,



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