Interview: Barbara Ireland On Her NDE, De-Looping Method & Upcoming Events at New Renaissance (Portland)

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Can you share a taste of what you experienced in your Near-Death Experience?

Definitely! My near-death occurred at a camp where the point was to push your boundaries and develop courage. Little did I know I’d push my boundaries a bit too far… A deadly combination of heat stroke and hyponatremia (low sodium in the blood) nearly took me. During my NDE I experienced a 4-hour life review that showed me how my thought patterns were negatively affecting all aspects of my life. At the end of it, I was given the choice to “stay or go.” Before I made my decision, I asked questions that led to powerful understandings about relationships, what is most important for us all to focus on, humility, and love. We all deal with negative thoughts, relationship issues, and a desire to live full and meaningful lives. I’m extremely grateful for the wisdom I was gifted from the “other side.”

Were you given your method for freeing yourself from “mind loops” during your NDE?

I was given the understanding of mind loops from the NDE, during my life review. There’s nothing like re-visiting actual experiences from your life to receive a clear lesson! When I “came back”, I dove into researching the neuroscience behind negative thinking and how our brains work – which led to developing the De-Looping Method.

How do mind loops sabotage us, and what is different about your method than other methods for training the mind?

Regular” negative thoughts come – then GO. Mind Loops on the other hand, which are negative thoughts that loop over and over in your head like a crazy hamster on a wheel, sabotage you by setting up a disturbing cycle:

The original negative thought creates a negative emotion – like disappointment, regret, anger, embarrassment – and those emotions then lead to self-defeating actions that almost always reinforce the original loop. Just think about any time you’ve thought, “I can’t do that,” “I’m fat,” “I’m too old,” or any other negative thought. Does it make you feel good? Can you let it go easily? Does it change your behavior?

The mind loop cycle creates a downward momentum that’s tough to get out of. Depression, anxiety, low self esteem, resentments… These are the results of mind loops.

The De-Looping Method consists of 9 steps that are all about interrupting that downward cycle by finding entry points to consciously shift out of the looping pattern. This literally alters your brain’s neural pathways, and lo’ and behold, you start feeling better.

What might we expect to experience from your presentations?

Saturday’s talk will be inspiring! My NDE is an intense story (they all are!) and shines a light on negative thinking patterns I believe all of us have to one degree or another. It changed my thinking, opened my heart, helped heal my relationships, and gave me the courage to move toward my dreams and goals instead of remaining “small.” You will hear the same wisdom I was given and have the same opportunities to make these powerful shifts in your life.

Sunday’s workshop is powerful, and practical. You will fully understand what mind loops are, the neuroscience behind interrupting them, and learn specific steps to “de-loop” a worry that’s causing pain in your life. If you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, concerned about a family member or job situation or anything else – you will feel better!

I’m so looking forward to meeting Portlanders and and sharing these gifts.

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Please join me, and gain understanding about how to finally change negative thoughts that keep you from moving forward.

Call New Renaissance at 503-224-4929 to reserve your seat for these events:

Saturday, November 3rd Lecture, 3-5pm: Life-Changing Gifts From My Near-Death Experience – $20

Sunday, November 4th Workshop, 2-4pm: How To Tame “Mind Loops” of Worry and Anxiety With Neuroscience – $35

Barbara Ireland
Author of the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller, How To Stop Negative Thoughts
Contributing author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences
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