With thanks and gratitude to YOU.

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The Mind Loops Blog – Nov 2018

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Because the focus is on gratitude.

As someone who had the honor of peering through the “veil between the worlds” during my near-death experience, I can tell you that gratitude is a HUGE part of my life.

So much so, that it’s always the final category I write in my Weekly Review – which is something I’ve done every single week for over 3 years. (Exciting news about that in the coming weeks).

In honor of Thanksgiving, I invite you to think of all the people, all the ways, all the moments that you are grateful for this past year, or in your life. They can be big, or “small.”

Then SHARE them.

Write them in the comments below this blog so other people can read them and be lifted up by your list. Text a friend to let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Make a video about all the things you’re grateful for, and post it on youtube.

FEEL the gratitude in your body. When you do that, it expands.

Gratitude is a POTENT way to interrupt Mind Loops. A negative thought and a grateful thought literally can’t exist in your mind at the same time. So if you’re feeling down in any way, shift your focus onto what you appreciate. I guarantee that no matter how awful you’re feeling right now, remembering what IS good in your life will lessen the pain and lift your heart. These “good things” can be big… or seemingly small things…

…like toilet paper. (Yep, I actually wrote that down in my Weekly Review recently!).


I’ll tell you one of the things I am MOST grateful for: YOU. For many reasons, but here are 2:

The personal reason:

I am grateful that you support my work in whatever way you do that in – through reading my book, taking my courses, sharing the concept of Mind Loops with friends and family, liking and commenting on posts, being a coaching client, and any method of spreading the word about this topic that is so near and dear to my heart. Not only does that result in the “larger reason” (listed next), but YOUR support supports ME and my MISSION, so I can continue to spread the message of how to stop the downward spiral of negative thoughts. You help me know I am on purpose.

The larger reason:

My mission with this work is to raise the level of Happiness in the world. Sound massive? It is. But – it happens one person at a time. And that’s something that you and I can do together:

When you’re not looping on negative thoughts and worries, your happiness rises. When you’re happier, you’re more relaxed, flexible, and kinder to other people. Your kindness then raises other people’s happiness. Then they’re kinder. It’s a ripple effect – the result of which is a happier world. I think we could all do with a lot less wars, greediness, unkindness, and me vs you – don’t you?

I can’t do my mission alone. So THANK YOU.

Wishing you an EXTRAORDINARY holiday!

Xo Barbara

PS Thought I’d share some of the things I’m grateful for this year:



Barbara Ireland
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How To Stop Negative Thoughts
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2 thoughts on “With thanks and gratitude to YOU.

  1. Thanks Barbara, keep doing what you’re doing. Love it all – your book, posts, blogs, facebook page, videos … all super helpful. Thanks and gratitude to YOU, Isabel


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