Why the Law of Attraction Sometimes Doesn’t Work

Lack and Need: Why the Law of Attraction Sometimes Doesn’t Work


“I want what I have!”… Uh… What?

June 2015 –  I’ve been in the midst of moving! Even though it was just from apartment to another apartment, the job was big; and even though I LOVE my new home more than I can express, the experience was (and still is) intense and somewhat unsettling. I could write a whole blog on the intensity of moving, but I’ll save that for another time. Today I’m sharing my thoughts about the Law of Attraction, and specifically: Lack and Need.

I’ve been reading an old classic book that deals with the Law of Attraction: The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol. It led me to start working on attracting some things into my life… And before I knew it, I was in a tailspin. Why? What happened?!

I started really digging in and contemplating what makes the Law of Attraction WORK, what makes it NOT work, and the very serious pitfalls that can come from forgetting a few key elements when you’re dealing with this Law. 

Lack and Need

When we feel LACK or NEED, we magnetically die. We become more self-centered, lose our generosity, and block the flow of life. Lack and Need translate in life to: “Me, me! But what about ME?!”

Now, I’m not talking about basic necessities – no one should live in survival. No one should NEED food or shelter or friends or love in some form. I’m talking about MORE: MORE money, MORE love, MORE toys, a BETTER this or that…

Law of Attraction books lead us down a path that can awaken the powerful, exquisite genie in all of us. But practiced incorrectly, there is the POTENTIAL for us to regress into something resembling a spoiled little kid throwing a grown-up version of a tantrum because we didn’t get what we wanted so badly. (Not very attractive indeed!). We may go into, “Why not me?” “Life isn’t fair!”… the world of self-pity.

What we wanted either:

1) Didn’t come exactly in the package we envisioned, or wasn’t as big and grandiose as we wanted

2) Didn’t come fast enough

3) Didn’t come at all.

But nowhere in any book or ancient tome have I ever read that we are ENTITLED! We may indeed DESERVE that which we want (for the mere fact that we’re alive and human), but we are not ENTITLED to it.

The cloying qualities of Lack and Need are like complementary colors to the selfishness of Entitlement. In both instances, a feeling of “There’s not enough for everybody” is in play; one leads to fear, the other to self-centeredness and greed.

What Is Missing

Three key elements that may be missing from one’s attempt at manifesting are:

1) Timing

2) Patience and persistence

And most importantly:

3) Acknowledgement and Appreciation for what one ALREADY has.


We cannot RUSH the Universe. We are powerful beings, but not THAT powerful. We cannot see the bigger picture and realize why we aren’t supposed to bring in that big chunk of cash right now or meet that gorgeous partner or move into that home or get that specific job – at least not right NOW.

Patience and persistence

If you’ve ever attempted manifesting, how long did you actually work at it… consistently? A week? Maybe even two? I’m not pointing fingers here; I am guilty of sloughing off as much as anyone. And then I wonder why what I want hasn’t arrived. Go figure!

I have noticed in my own life that it often takes 3 or more months (or over a year) for something I really desire to appear (if it does appear). Patience! Persistence! They are key.

Acknowledgement and Appreciation

Being in a state of Appreciation and Gratitude is one of THE most magnetic states you can be in. Which leads me to:


Your Challenge This Week

This week, every time you hear yourself saying (or just thinking in your head): “I WANT ________!” Add to it – or even replace it – with this phrase: “And… I WANT what I HAVE.”

Yes, you read that correctly. You WANT what you already HAVE. That doesn’t mean you have to forever stay at that income level or stay single or stay in the job that doesn’t thrill you; everyone has an INNATE desire to expand, that is what life just DOES. But just notice what you already have. Feel the appreciation for it. I bet it’s better than you realized.

See how it shifts your energy. At the same time, do whatever manifesting techniques you like – visualizing, praying, etc.

Take it from someone who just lifted herself out of a few days of Lack and Need – you’ll feel BETTER! And oddly enough, that’s when things you desire actually have a chance to come to you.

Wishing you a magnetic week!

Love, Barbara


If you’re feeling the weight of negative thoughts, having trouble sleeping because of worries, or finding you keep hitting the same roadblock regarding a cherished dream or goal (possibly stuck in LACK or NEED?), email me for info on my Mind Loop Mentoring Program so we can start shifting those subconscious patterns: newmindloops@gmail.com . You can read a little about my program here.

“There’s been a distinct and notable difference in my life since we started mentoring sessions – and very quickly. I was on a slippery slope into depression, and I’m not going there anymore! This really helped me – thank you!”
– Karen J., Seattle, WA


2 thoughts on “Why the Law of Attraction Sometimes Doesn’t Work

  1. What resonated with me is the part where you said that we tend to become childish if the law of attraction isn’t applied correctly. When I used to practice it actively, I once fell into that trap. I need to learn how to use it correctly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Simone – if you only fell into that “childish trap” once, you’re doing GREAT! 😉 I think the most important thing about Law of Attraction is simply to get CLEAR on what it is we want exactly. We might say “love,” “money,” “health”… but what about those things SPECIFICALLY? What does each one LOOK like? LOA works very well for me when I get crystal clear on what it is I’m asking for. Good luck!


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