Want To Know What You Deserve?

sunset b-cropWhat You Deserve

May 2015 — You haven’t heard from me in some time because life has been rather intense for the past few weeks. I won’t go into all the particulars, but let’s just say it has taken me a bit to feel like the ground beneath me is stable again.

It has also taken me some time to assimilate all the various things I learned, did, experienced, gave, received, cherished and wondered. As I pondered this string of fascinating moments, I realized there were several important themes. In this article, I present to you one of the most important of those themes. It is this:

That you (yes, YOU) deserve.

Deserve what? Anything you want.

Okay. Perhaps you are thinking, “Yeah okay, so I deserve. Thanks for the ‘huge insight’ Barbara. Jeesh.”

If that’s what went through your head, then you didn’t really hear the message. Tell your mind, “Yes okay, I heard you. Thank you for sharing.” Then with your mind satisfied that it was acknowledged, and your heart now more open, listen to the message again:


Why? Because YOU are absolutely extraordinary. Do you actually GET how exquisite you are?

jpeg-3One in 300 Million

Imagine this scenario: Literally 300 MILLION sperm are swimming furiously, crashing into each other, pushing like they’ve never pushed before, feeling like they can’t take another flap of their tail… And yet they do. They are swimming like their life depends on it (because it does) towards an egg. ONE egg. And only ONE of those 300 MILLION sperm is going to make it to that egg FIRST… and fertilize it. 

ONE sperm out of 300 million made it. And that sperm was you. YOU are the result of all that intensity and striving and incredible desire… Really think about that! How intense is that?! That tiny sperm was like Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan and Carl Lewis all wrapped up into one – and it was YOU! You are already the most extraordinary winner imaginable.

Not only that, but you are an absolute ORIGINAL. The masterpiece. There is no one else who is even REMOTELY like you! And if that statement makes you say, “Yeah okay, so no one’s like me. I’m a masterpiece. Right. Thanks for the ‘huge insight’ Barbara. Jeesh.” Then once again I challenge you to hear that message more deeply!

You are extraordinary, miraculous and deserving of ANYTHING you want.

Now that doesn’t mean you’ll always GET everything you want; there are a multitude of factors that go into whether you get what you want or not – not the least of which is Mind Loops – a HUGE factor!

But the thing is: When you shift your thinking into truly understanding that you DESERVE all that your heart desires… Something shifts. You change. And it can happen in an instant.

Your Challenge This Week:

It’s a two-parter:

——-part 1——-

RIGHT NOW, take a moment to say (out loud if possible):

I deserve________.”

Say it over and over and over, filling in the blank with all the things you desire: “I deserve to love and be loved. I deserve more money. I deserve beautiful, exuberant health. I deserve a fun car to drive. I deserve to spend a month traveling in Europe. I deserve a Theo chocolate bar. I deserve joy. I deserve to be heard. I deserve to have an understanding and appreciative boss. I deserve to wake up energized. I deserve fun and supportive friends. I deserve to be smiled at. I deserve to have a day off this week. I deserve to succeed at my Big Dream. I deserve to be happy.”

Feel what it feels like to deserve these things.

——-part 2——-

This week go out and give some compliments. GENUINE compliments. To anyone, anywhere, anytime. Feel how good it feels to give true compliments.

THEN… ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE compliments. Whether they’re from the people you’re giving them to or from other people, let them LAND on you and get INTO you. Feel them, cherish them. Maybe write them down at the end of the day. And when people give you the compliment, thank them for it – without indulging the impulse to shoot one back to them right away.

This is a very deep exercise in giving and receiving. Know that BOTH sides of that coin are important; if you think about it, one can’t even exist without the other. Experience both sides completely.

And… have a beautiful week.

You DESERVE it. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Want To Know What You Deserve?

  1. Wow.. I never thought about it that way. That 1 out of 300 million scenario really hit home. In all seriousness, if I can do that, I can do anything.


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