The ONE WORD That Can Change the Outcome of Your Entire Year

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Every New Year’s Eve, instead of creating New Year’s Resolutions, I come up with ONE WORD that will be my guiding principle for the year.

Last year’s Guiding Word was:


(okay, it was 2 words last year)

With “Play & Wonder” as my guide – and even while the pandemic raged – guess what I focused on? Not fear and deadlines and stress and worry. Instead:


• Bike rides!

• Daily strolls in the Arboretum!

• Petting dogs and dancing and skipping* around the neighborhood!

*(uh yeah. I’m known as “The Skipper” around here. My next step is to don a cape like a skipping superhero.)


• Slowing down enough to fully TASTE the flavors of yummy food… OBSERVE the change of the seasons… CONNECT with the bunnies, eagles, and even otters that appeared in my urban landscape as humans became scarce for a short spell.

• And BIG-TIME Play & Wonder as I wrote my ultra-creative, short fiction stories.

(someday I’ll release those stories, and you will be surprised! and YES, I still worked, but it was BALANCED.)

This year I have a different word. It’s an exciting one – but it’s challenging.

My word for this year is:


The word “finish” can send a creative person (writer, developer, entrepreneur, inventor, ETC) – into a panic.

“What?! You mean I actually have to STICK with something, and NOT jump into that cool shiny project over there? I have to do all the HARD nuts-and-bolts stuff instead of the fun IDEA stuff? (sigh). Might as well toss me that cat o’ nine tails right now so I can start the flagellation.”

(do ya know the feeling?)

It’s one of the HARDEST things for us creators – of any style and stripe – to do.

But I had a surprise in store for me:

Turns out, “FINISH” is a JUICY word.

Prioritizing FINISH… means that things that are important to me, and that I’ve spent a lot of time and creative energy on, are finally going to APPEAR. In the REAL world. Not just in fumes of fancy.

Finishing is the act of making Something out of Nothing.

Which is extraordinary, when you think about it. Definitely worth my time. AND yours.

What do you mean: ‘Worth MY time?‘”

Let us count 2 ways:

Reason Why It’s Worth Your Time


Hearing about my New Year’s word will hopefully inspire YOU to think of a word of your own for this year. Whether you’re reading this in January or April or whenever.

Why would I want to do that?

Choosing a special word can help you:

• make choices and set priorities

• know whether to say Yes or No to opportunities

• push yourself out of that cozy comfort zone into a more full and rewarding life

• serve as a guiding principle to inspire you, remind you of who you want to become, and what kind of experiences you want to have.

For me, “Play & Wonder” were necessary last year. Because my lifelong pattern has been to push myself, stress about deadlines, and feel guilty about taking days off. I’m a playful person by nature – but I was overdue to prioritize these 2 luscious values and actually create TIME and OPPORTUNITY to experience them!

What did a year of prioritizing Play & Wonder do for me?

Check out these massive benefits:

• brought me back into work/play balance

• increased my health, fitness, and happiness

• reminded me of the joys of BEING instead of DOING

• and created tremendous JOY. Laughter. Better sleep. Pandemic year and all.

Pretty impressive for a few measly words, huh?

Wondering how to choose a Guiding Word for yourself?

A word that will INSPIRE you and help move your life in the direction you WANT to go?

I created a GUIDE to help you to choose your GUIDE-ing word. You can grab it here:

How do YOU CHOOSE an inspiring, motivating Guiding Word for yourself?

Grab this FREE GUIDE: “How To Choose Your One Guiding Word (in 3 minutes or less!)”

+ BONUS List of INSPIRING Guiding Word examples you can use RIGHT AWAY!

Reason Why It’s Worth Your Time


Since FINISH is my word for THIS year… oh boy, do I have some cool goodies coming out this year for you!

Check out what’s in the pipeline!

A beautiful, 3-session course I’ll be presenting live over Zoom SOON – and it’s FREE! I share specific, practical methods to shift your UNCONSCIOUS negative programming out of the way, so you can CONSCIOUSLY CREATE the kind of life you actually want to live.

REGISTER NOW for this FREE, 3-session course here: 3 Unconscious Blocks Course.

mind loop mantras

A video course called Mind Loop Mantras For Manifesting, which goes into the power of your WORDS, and how to use them with intention and rhythm to bring synchronicity into your life – while ALSO raising your confidence, peace of mind, and happiness.

• And the pièce de résistance… is a GLORIOUS new video course launching May 2021, called Blueprint For Magic.

This course is the next step for anyone who has been clearing out their Mind Loops and wants to live with more SUCCESS, LOVE, HEALTH, and FULFILLMENT.

And it’s one helluva magical course – whether the “magic” comes from changing your subconscious programming, or if it’s actual assistance from the Cosmos. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, it just COMES. (Registration is opening soon!).

All 3 of these beauties are coming out May, 2021. I’m thrilled.

Turns out, “FINISHING” actually works.

So what word might YOU choose to guide and inspire you for the remainder of this year? Would love to hear! Please share your thoughts below.

xo Barbara

If you’d like help choosing your Guiding Word, here’s your FREE Guide.

AND: If you’re fed up with living with debt, not finding the right partner, or weird health issues – and your manifesting (conscious creating) is blocked and frustrating the heck out of you:

Sign up for, my LIVE free course here.

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