Ever met anyone who DISAPPEARED INTO THIN AIR?

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I have a bedtime story for you:

You’re in Vegas. It’s a reunion with your buddies from college. After gossip about mutual acquaintances is finally over, you bring up a more interesting subject:

Bucket Lists.

“What’s a Bucket List?” asks one of your friends. “Never heard of it,” says the other. You explain:

“A Bucket List is a list of all the things you want to experience before you die – or, kick the bucket.

Your friends ponder: What would I put on my list? They struggle to answer that question.

(did you know only 1 in 100 people know what they want??).

Finally some desires are thrown out:

• “Find the love of my life!”

• “Dance in Tahiti.”

• “Become a NY Times Bestseller.”

• “Get a 4 carat diamond ring.” (!?)

• “Meet Robert Downey Jr.” 😉

• “Get a puppy!” 🙂

“Okay we’ve shared,” they say. “What’s on your Bucket List?”

You answer:

“To disappear into thin air.”

Tttssss. Half-disguised rolls of eyes. (“There she goes again, with her weird ideas.”).

“Come on, let’s go play roulette,” one of them says.

(it takes you all of 6 seconds to lose $20. boring game!)

That night it’s your turn to choose the entertainment. You choose… David Copperfield!

(more eye rolling. BUT: for anyone who doesn’t know, D.C. is the guy who made the Statue of Liberty vanish on live TV. who could resist?!)

He’s come to his last act of the evening. The Big Final Act. The Maestro stalks the audience in search of ONE PERSON… TO MAKE DISAPPEAR. You sit in the middle of a row, in the middle of the audience. You don’t even hold your breath in anticipation because he’ll never see you.

Until he does.

He points.

“You. Come with me.”

You look over both shoulders thinking, “He MUST be pointing to someone else.” But he wiggles his finger in that “come-hither” way. It’s YOU.




Your body dissolves into a trillion pieces of dust and you fly into the cosmos!

Three minutes pass…

Then, all the trillion cells magically reconstitute back into their proper place…

And you reappear AT THE BACK OF THE THEATER with a calm smile, holding a lighted candle.

The audience goes BESERK with gasps and wide eyes of “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!”

(no more rolled eyes for you!)

“What happened to you? How’d he do it? Tell me, TELL ME!!!” your friends whisper way too loudly.

(will you tell? of course not. the Maestro asked you politely (err… more like threatened legal action) to not tell.)


Okay your bedtime story is over. The question I now have for you is:

What part of this story was MAGIC?”

(I’ll give you a moment to ponder. tick-tock, tick-tock. ok, time’s up).

You got your answer? Let’s discuss.

Traditional magic – like brilliant David Copperfield’s – creates a MOMENT where the audience feels the tension of, “that couldn’t happen,” plus “that DID happen” at the same time.

That kind of magic is a technical craft and a stunning art form. But the reason people who disappear onstage are threatened with lawsuits if they tell how the trick is done, is because once people know how’s it’s done, the magic disappears. And that is NOT FUN AT ALL.

So I’ll ask you again:

What part of this story is MAGIC?”

I’ll start by saying: Your bedtime story was a TRUE story. It happened to me. (You probably guessed that by now). I’m the crazy one who wrote “I want to disappear into thin air” on her Bucket List.

And the DAY I spoke my desire out loud to my friends… I was chosen to DISAPPEAR INTO THIN AIR.

(sure. I was in Vegas. but still: if being the ONE PERSON in a huge audience chosen to DISAPPEAR – the same day as declaring that exact experience as a Big Desire – isn’t magical, I sure as heck don’t know what is.)

THAT is the type of magic that can happen. Not just in my life – but in your life too.

It’s the “EVERYDAY MAGIC” of synchronicity:

  • Ideal opportunities appearing right when you need them
  • Cash arriving from an anonymous source in your mailbox. (That happened to THREE people I know!) 
  • Meeting that “extra special someone” in completely unexpected ways (coffee spilled on them at Starbucks by the guy(!); free dessert sent to their table in a cafe; the 2 strangers both bending down to pick up a $5 bill that had fallen from somebody’s pocket, eyes met and…)

This kind of magic happens when you make your desires CLEAR. (the all-important first step).

And… it is available to YOU.

(yes: awesome, imperfect, deserving YOU).

In May, I am releasing a new, in-depth, video course called, Blueprint For Magic, that outlines a Step-by-Step method to consciously-create “everyday magic” in your life.

• You write a detailed description of your desire… then send your request to the Universe, or to your Subconscious, or the Matrix – whatever you want to call that Unseen Assistance.

• You shift your mindset and nervous system from the impossible to the possible.

• You remove the biggest block to receiving your gorgeous desire.

• You find out the right steps to take AFTER you’ve put out your request. (Basically you’re playing the “Hot/Cold” game with the Universe/Subconscious: “Go this way… no, you’re getting colder! Ah yes, you’re getting warm, go that way…You’re getting hot, hot, HOT!”).

Here’s what a previous Blueprinter said after taking this course:

“I did the Blueprint, and I couldn’t believe what happened: I got exactly the apartment I wrote down, and the price came in lower than what I was expecting to pay. And it happened right away. I was so amazed.

The Blueprint sets things up so that “magic” becomes reality in everyday life. It’s like it opens the door to manifestation: You set it up, you release it, and boom! The door opens.”

-Matthew B., Landscaping Company Owner, Seattle, WA

and another said this:

Synchronicities happened for me early on. I applied for two spots in two different business mentorship programs, thinking, “Oh, maybe I’ll be lucky with one of them.” I got both of them!”

Linda Reed, Attorney / Environmental Consultant, Wisconsin

It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever created. This method brought me 4 gorgeous homes and a stunning office, deep friendships and high-level employees, TWO financial windfalls, and… (ahem)… even 3 boyfriends. (but don’t tell THEM that!).

Registration will be opening soon for “Blueprint For Magic.” It would be a delight and an honor to have you join us!

More info on the course here.


Now you know someone who has disappeared into thin air – and reconstituted back into form to tell about it!

(don’t worry David Copperfield, your secret is safe with me.)

And now you see that magic on this 3D plane of existence CAN happen.

And hopefully you’re beginning to realize: Magic is possible for YOU too.

Barbara Ireland
Author of the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller, How To Stop Negative Thoughts
Contributing author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

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