FREE UPCOMING EVENT: The 5 Types of Negative Thoughts That Block You From Manifesting a Life You Love – Presented by Hawaiian IANDS

The Mind Loops Blog – May 2022

In 2010, I was attending a hardcore “self-improvement” camp in a remote area of Vancouver B.C. when I nearly died of heat stroke and hyponatremia (dangerously low levels of sodium in the blood).

During a 4-hour life review, I witnessed the unbelievable power of the human mind and thought, and came to understand:

When the mind is used UNconsciously, it can create tremendous suffering and struggle; and yet when used consciously, that power can be harnessed for joy, creativity, health, and love.

Including… for manifesting a life you feel would create incredible joy.

The problem?

No one teaches us how to use our minds consciously – which sets us up for unnecessary struggle throughout our lives.

The NDE Gift That Keeps On Giving

The first gift I “mined” from my NDE was to develop a method to interrupt repetitive, negative thinking (“mind loops”).

Imagine if you could stop the pattern of worry, self doubt, jealousy, fear, or depression (even if only 10%!), and how that would transform your life.

That was the first iteration of my NDE, and my entire life changed as a result.

But turning off the “faucet of negative thinking” was only the beginning. Two levels have followed (so far)…

The Secret” Didn’t Reveal the Most Important Secrets

The movie The Secret “reveals” how to manifest things you want in your life – whether better health, more income, a love relationship, new home.

After I “de-looped” my brain of negative thinking, I began receiving illuminations about the creative power of the mind – when used consciously.

As a result of these “downloads,” I believe “The Secret” left out some major pieces of the manifesting puzzle.

The 5 Blocks To Manifesting. Plus…

In my upcoming talk, I will discuss the 5 major blocks to manifesting a life you love – and how to begin to remove those blocks for greater joy.

AND… in the past few months, I have received even deeper information on the creative power of the mind. I will be sharing some of my most recent, profound “downloads” that reach well beyond my original subject of “The 5 Blocks To Manifesting.”

I will also lead a meditation that will help you connect with Source energy to assist your manifesting.

Join me: TUESDAY, MAY 3RD, 2022 • 6pm PT

for this special presentation of new information I am eager to share.


The world is chaotic and in desperate need of greater joy. Let’s work together to raise the consciousness of our species and planet through the incredible power of our minds.

REGISTER for the event here.


Visit the Facebook invite here.

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday!

xo Barbara

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