The Mind Loops Blog: Thanks+Giving – Nov, 2017 Thanksgiving is here! While it’s my fave holiday, I know it creates a TON of problems for many people. With all the organizing involved –  not to mention some challenging family gatherings – Mind Loops of exhaustion, stress, resentments or loneliness are bound to get triggered. One way I’ve … More Thanks+Giving

A Secret Mind Loop About Strangers

B-Blog: “A Secret Mind Loop About Strangers” – September, 2016 Today on my morning walk, it occurred to me that EVERYONE has been through something intense. Something difficult. A divorce, a death in the family, abuse, bankruptcy, heartbreak, dreams smashed, homelessness, loneliness, depression… Hardship comes in many flavors. NO ONE escapes the intensity of life. … More A Secret Mind Loop About Strangers