The Mind Loops Blog – Jan 2021

New Year’s is always ENLIVENING for me. I love the process at the end of the year to think back about what happened… how I grew… what achievements I accomplished… whom I love and why. I have a specific Q&A process I do as a Yearly Review.

Then I look ahead at the New Year coming up. More than resolutions or goals, I create INTENTIONS for the year. These point to WHO I choose to be, and HOW I choose to spend my time and energy.

Your INtentions direct how you will use your ATtention. And your Attention is EVERYTHING.

Where you place your FOCUS leads to what types of thoughts you think… what feelings you will have… and what actions or behaviors you will do. And those elements create the quality of life you will experience. Will it be one of joy… or suffering? One of hope… or hopelessness? One with great relationships… or toxic ones? 

Sure, life hands us (potentially) rotten circumstances that we have zero control over – such as where we were born, who are parents are, and certain physical conditions. It also hands us “challenges” (a nice word for those) that feel mostly outside of our control, and sometimes they are. But we always have control over where we put our FOCUS and ATTENTION – and thus how we RESPOND to those challenges.

Intentions then guide our thoughts, and actions. They guide our Attention. That’s why it’s a powerful practice to think about your Intentions for the year.

What kind of life do you want and CHOOSE to live this year?

Do any of my “Must-Have” Intentions speak to YOU for 2021?

Please SHARE your Intentions below.  We can all benefit from each other’s wisdom!

Wishing you an EXCEPTIONAL year ahead,

Xo Barbara




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